Wednesday 26 July 2017

Daily Ausaf 26 Jul 2017 Urdu Newspaper

The newspapers are important, not only as a means of spreading news but also for influencing public opinion. Every newspaper expresses its policy in its editorial page. Its readers, at least a great section of them, are influenced by the editorial comments. It is reasonable to believe that most of the readers buy the newspaper with which they agree. Certainly a newspaper with a large circulation is very powerful.

Newspapers are at the mercy of their readers, for newspaper publishing is a business and must fetch at least reasonable profit. Much of the profit comes from advertising and only newspapers with a large circulation can attract a large number of advertisements. So a newspaper has to respect the tastes and inclinations of its readers.

Daily Ausaf is an Urdu language International daily newspaper publishing simultaneously from various cities like Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Peshawar, Muzaffarabad, Gilgit Baltistan, Frankfurt, London and Birmingham. It’s current chief editor Mehtab khan is the key person to develop and maintain the trust of readers and he definitely left no stone unturned to take this daily to the heights of success and now the newspaper stands in the front line of leading newspapers.

Daily Ausaf Newspaper founded on 25th of December 1997 and published from the capital city Islamabad. Daily Ausaf is managed and owned by Ausaf Group of NewspapersRoznama Ausaf contains sixteen pages and available at the price of twelve rupees in Pakistan. It’s columns are liked by people specially people of Kashmir love to read columns of Ghulam Kiyani and readers can also view these columns online by following the link The official website of Ausaf epaper is Internet users can view Daily Ausaf Facebook Page by visiting link.

Click on Daily Ausaf to view online Ausaf Epaper of 26-07-2017. While Click Daily Asas to Read Daily Asas Urdu Newspaper Online.

Ausaf Newspaper developed rapidly and broadens the area of its publishing just in few years as it published its international edition on December 22, 2001, from Frankfurt the city of United Kingdom. Its epaper was launched on May 27, 2002, from London and after that it published from Multan on August 11, 2002, its Lahore edition on March 23, 2006, Ausaf Muzaffarabad on April 15, 2006 and Ausaf Gilgit Baltistan 1st of November 2010.

Due to the efforts of Devoted and determent editor the Ausaf Epaper is being popular nationally and internationally. is the online page for UK News. is the online page for Daily Ausaf Gilgit Baltistan.
No doubt Daily Ausaf is one of the best leading newspapers in Pakistan on the basis of its unbiased reporting.

You can contact ausaf newspaper using following addresses
Address of Daily Ausaf Islamabad:
2-D I&T Centre Khayban-e-Suherwardi Aabpara, Islamabad
Phone Numbers are:
For Advertisement purpose contact:  051-2276925
Daily Ausaf Lahore Contact Number: 04236280491-3
Daily Ausaf Karachi Address
Syed Turab Shah
Head of sales and Marketing
Cell Number: 03002018217
Phone Number: 021-34140487
Ausaf Group of Publications,
Mezzanine Floor, Sky Mark Tower,
Plot Number A-13, Block 7&8, KCHS Union Limited,
Main shahra e Faisal, Near Duty Free Shop, Karachi
Email Address:

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